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Relevant Data

AGS, STI, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Generation5, Environics Analytics and more.

Alteryx Power

Data powered by Alteryx engines, the fastest most reliable data retrieval engines on the market.

Leading Software

MapInSite, Allocate,
Solocast and Guzzler.

Broad export

Integrate and export to any format: MapInfo to ESRI,
MS Access to Oracle.

We’ve built partnerships with the top demographic data and software providers to give you unparalleled market insight.

Don Headshot

Founder of RSI.

In 2002 I saw a problem in the data industry: Companies offered one product line, and that one product didn’t fit everyone’s needs. I created Research Solutions Inc to fix that problem. I wanted to create choice. I wanted to provide a high level of service that was lacking in the data world. So many companies sold their cookie-cutter products and the only time you heard from them was when the renewal was up. I wanted to make sure that people were happy with their purchase and used the software and data to its full potential. That is why we regularly contact our clients with Webex training tools. We are always there to lend a hand when they call too. We start by asking clients what they are looking for and suggest products based on their needs. Our competitors still try to sell the answers they have.

We love data and the interesting questions it can answer. We also love presenting data not only in reports but visually with a map. It is great when you show someone a map and it just clicks.

“RSI redefines customer service. They go the extra mile every time you have a question or need assistance. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

—Suzanne Jones, GIS Analyst, M&M Meat Shops Ltd.

We succeed when you succeed. It’s not necessary to pay a lot for the right information. Let us help you find your most important assets (locations and customers) by providing the data and tools you need at affordable prices.
Make informed decisions and plan clear strategies to compete in an increasingly crowded market place. For over a decade we have made it easier to analyze the relationship between location, customers, and trade area demographics. With RSI you get the largest geographic and demographic data sources and software options in the marketplace.
Control your marketing analysis with desktop or online decision support tools. Use your own data in a safe, secure environment. And with over 30 years of combined expertise, we’re here to help if you need us!
“What separates RSI from the rest is their unparalleled customer service and knowledge of their products.” 

Everyone wants software and data. Everyone needs software and data. Given those two things, it is easy to sell software and data. What separates RSI from the rest is their unparalleled customer service and knowledge of their products.

I have worked with RSI for the past 10 years and their service has always been incredible, timely and consistent. I am not aware of any other service provider that is on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They keep us well-informed of the newest product offerings in the market and come equipped with innovative solutions for all of our data needs—big and small. As RSI stays industry leading, they help our business stay industry leading.

Rosemary Shessel, Managing Director,Retail Analytics, Novus Canada

Whether you need a map-based demographic system,
a simple demographic reporting tool or integration of complex
trade area models, RSI has you covered.