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Allocate and Solocast are packaged under the umbrella software “Portfolio.”

Allocate = market analysis.

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Who uses Allocate?

The business user who wants to perform quick and accurate demographic analysis.

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Custom Reports

Easily create a variety of media, and spread information and knowledge throughout your enterprise.

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Ease of use

Users of all levels, from the business analyst to the senior executive, can easily perform on-the-fly market analyses.

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Empower your business

Using Allocate gives you the power to make sound business decisions.

Solocast = cluster analysis.


Who uses Solocast?

Users who want to understand the demographic profile of any database: customer data, survey data or the population of a geographic area.

Market potential

By comparing the demographic profiles of different databases, a user is able to determine the market potential of their own products in any geographic area.

Key characteristics

Marketing analysts and managers can instantly profile either customer databases or the population of geographic areas in order to determine their key demographic characteristics.

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The cluster profile of the database or area is used to correlate the similarity between the populations of different databases, and to determine the market potential of a given database.


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Allocate has been an indispensable part of our real estate and marketing departments. It has provided us with insight every step of the way and has guided our site selection and relocation efforts. ¬†Through the use of Solocast we understand who our best customers are in every region of the country and we market to them accordingly. RSI redefines customer service. They are the easiest company to work with because they go the extra mile every time you have a question or need assistance. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They know their industry really well and they keep us updated on new products or any changes that we need to be aware of.

Suzanne Jones, GIS Analyst, M&M Meat Shops Ltd.

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