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Alteryx Fundamentals

Use Alteryx like a pro! We’ll show you how, because the only thing we love more than Alteryx and Data is spending a few hours with people who are already inspired by our favourite tools, or who are ready to discover them! Download the free trial, bring your laptop, and sign up for a FREE 3 hour training session below. We’ll cover the basics and answer specific use-case questions. Space is limited so book your session early!

3 hours (9am-12pm)

161 Bay Street, 27th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J2S1


Available dates
April 5
April 26 (Alteryx hosted)
June 1
July 5
August 3
September 1
October 4
November 1
December 7


Join us online each month for FREE 1-hour interactive sessions that demonstrate two great demographic tools: Allocate and Solocast. Whether you’re new to demographics or an experienced analyst, you’ll learn new ways to look at your customers and trade areas!

Allocate Basics
New to Allocate?  Looking to refresh your skills?  The Allocate Basics course is a great starting place to learn how to create trade areas, select within geographies, create reports, and produce custom variables.

Allocate Intermediate
For those Allocate users that want to up their demographic game, this session is for you.  Learn how to load custom geographies, filter by demographic variables, and create custom reports. Handy Tips and Tricks will also be covered throughout this session.


Allocate Advanced
Seasoned Allocate veteran?  Allocate Advanced will show you how to modify report templates, load and count customer data, and reproduce work from previous Allocate data vintages. As always, we will cover interesting Tips and Tricks to help you get the most out of Allocate.

Solocast Basics
Allocate helps to analyze demographics, Solocast analyzes behaviours. In this Solocast Basics session, attendees will learn how to profile a customer list, generate a quick product cluster profile, and learn when to use a Product/Customer Correlation Report.  Learn more about your customers and locations and how to find more of them!



Basic courses: none
We suggest taking the intermediate course before the advanced.


Allocate Basics
March 30
July 27
November 30

Allocate Intermediate
April 27
August 3

Allocate Advanced
May 25
September 28

Solocast Basics
June 29
October 26

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