As DemographicsNow retires, RSI would like to invite previous and new licensees to try out MapInSite online at  MapInSite online has been designed for those DNow users who still need an interactive map-based demographic reporting system.  Our ability to save your trade areas, reports and custom work make for a great system that you can rely on every day to get your job done.  We also have the ability to upload your previously created trade areas from DNow so give us a call for more information at 416-760-3740 ext 272.

Built on the same engine that ran DNow, MapInSite provides access to not only Experian demographic data but we also offer AGS and STI datasets too.  The choice is yours and starting at $995, how can you go wrong!

We are offering a free two day trial of the site.  Simply go to and choose “Free Trial” to start your analysis today!