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the right tools

The right tools

Tools catered to you: Choose your data.
Choose your software. Anaylze, visualize and report your best answers. We partner with the top data and software providers in North America and across the globe so that you can select the tools that best fit your needs.

award winning data

Independent Data

Our software works with virtually
any preloaded data source: AGS, STI,
Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Simmons,
MRI, TomTom, Generation5,
Environics Analytics,
+ many others.

acquisition power

Acquisition Power

Need functionality outside of our in-house software? We’ll acquire it for you and easily load it into our software platforms. Choose from MapInSite , MapInSite Online, Allocate, Solocast, Alteryx Analytic Apps, Geocoders, Drive Times and many others.


How well do you know your customers?

Meet Ralph. He lives in zip code 96039, Happy Camper, CA. Our data tells us that he really is a happy camper because he doesn’t carry a lot of credit card debt and his mortgage is nearly paid off. He never misses a Padres game because he’s a Super Fan and, between you and me (and his momma), he digs figure skating…

Demographic and geographic data comes pre-loaded in
MapInSite, Allocate, Solocast, Guzzler 
Analytic Apps.



  • Occupied dwellings 50%
  • Average income 75%
  • Total households 95%
  • Average age 75%
  • Age 18-34 35%

RSI is your source for the most accurate data in real estate and marketing. Your data license gives you access to the broadest U.S. and Canadian demographic and geographic data options in the marketplace. AGS, Experian, STI, Environics Analytics, Generation5, DNB, and TomTom… but we also have access to data from across the globe. Just ask us! We are here to help and offer you unparalleled expertise and service.


This is Bronwynn.

Like her owner, an award-winning interior designer in New York, Bronwynn belongs to the cluster Jet Set Urbanites because she likes opera, brisket, and black & white films on Sunday afternoons.

A vital decision support tool for marketers and real estate professionals in advertising, retail, restaurant, real estate and financial services. Designed for analysts and marketers, MapInSite quickly analyzes the relationship between retail/service locations and market trade area demographics.
A demographic analysis tool for business users who want to perform quick and accurate market analysis. Custom reports easily created in a variety of media. Perform on-the-fly market analyses. Using Allocate will empower an organization with the confidence to make sound business decisions. more….
A cluster analysis tool that enables users to understand the demographic profile of any database: customer data, survey data or the population of a geographic area. Compare profiles to find market potential of your products in any geographic area. Instantly profile customer databases or the population of geographic areas. Correlate the similarity between the populations of different databases, and determine the market potential of a given database.

Learn more about MapInsite! Download the PDF.

Want to learn more? Download the Allocate PDF!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Making the choice to use data to achieve your marketing goals is a smart one. Since every client has different needs, RSI carefully selects the right data, software, licensing, training, and price point to create the perfect custom solution. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from new clients.

Have a different question?

Will I pay more for software/data if I buy direct from RSI?

Our price is the vendor’s price. You will never pay extra for RSI to acquire software and data. In fact, we tend to get you better deals and packages than you would typically find piecing together a solution from multiple vendors. In many cases, we have negotiated special deals and rates that we pass on to you, our client.


Does RSI offer training?
RSI offers many training options, from free online courses to private on-site classes. Once you purchase a solution from RSI, we are there to help make sure you get the most value from your investment.
Does RSI offer country-independent software?

Many of RSI’s software products were built to be used in any country. Alteryx works with your data in any country. Allocate, Solocast, and MapInSite currently work in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. All interfaces are currently only available in English.


How much does a typical software & data install cost?

Demographic software and data can range from as little as $995/year for an online demographic solution to over $200,000/year for a corporate-wide server of software and data. It is our job to listen to your business needs and budget before recommending the software and data solution that fits both.


What is a software data license/subscription?

Most data and software products are licensed on a yearly basis due to 3rd party ownership rights on the data. You are granted unlimited access to the software and data for a pre-specified period of time. Most licenses are either 1 year or 3 years in length. At the end of the license term, the software turns off and the data is typically no longer used.


Do I need to be a large company in order to use demographic software and data?

Companies of all sizes  benefit from understanding their customers and locations better. Whether you have 1 location and want to know about current customers and surrounding population, or 1000 locations, the business intelligence is the same. It is never too early to start discovering that intelligence. RSI has software and data packages to fit companies of any size and budget.


What are the System Requirements to run the software and data?

It depends on the type of install you choose. Our online systems work with most current browsers from Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to FireFox.  Desktop software runs best on the following:


  • 2.5 (GHz) or faster Multi core 64-bit processor
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 80Gb of available hard-disk space


  • 2.5 (GHz) or faster Multi core 64-bit processor
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 or later with current service pack (64-bit)
  • 16GB of RAM
  • Two 80GB 15k RPM hard-disk drives in RAID 1 configuration (OS drive) and Four 400GB 10k RPM hard-disk drives in RAID 5 configuration (data drive)
  • Per-user temp file space on different physical drives (where possible) than OS and datafile source


What does Portfolio mean with regard to Allocate and Solocast?
Portfolio is the umbrella software term used to describe both Allocate and Solocast as a package.
Who do I contact if I need help?

When you work with RSI, you will be assigned one point of contact. Your RSI representative is there to answer any and all questions you have about our software and services. In the event that your representative is away from the office, please feel free to email at any time and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your query.


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